Sand Springs Couple Reaching Out After Truck Stolen From Hospital Parking Lot

Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 9:52 pm
By: Ashley Izbicki

A Sand Springs couple is hoping someone will help them get their pickup back. The woman parked the truck at at Tulsa hospital and came out to find an empty parking space.

She says she was told the nearby security cameras weren't working and now the one thing left to remind her of her father-in-law is gone

"It's weird. It wasn't a show truck, it wasn't a nice brand-new sports car, it wasn't anything you would think. It was a 93 GMC pickup,"

But to the Chesney's this isn't just an old pickup it was Robert's dad's trophy truck before he passed away. 

"I spent the little bit of life insurance left and then spent every penny and every date night that I should have had,”

He says he couldn't believe when Cheryl told him someone stole it from this St. John Medical Center parking garage while she was working and neither did hospital security.

“They said 'oh, maybe you misplaced your truck and I said 'no, I did not misplace my truck,' said Cheryl. "There was a camera in front of me, a camera behind me, I was two spots down from the emergency phone."

But Cheryl says those cameras are no help.

"They said that those two were completely off, and that everything else was just too grainy. There was nothing that could be done," said Cheryl.

The hospital issued this statement saying in part

"We are aware of the situation and we did take action as soon as we were notified including review of available security footage. We have and will continue to cooperate with Tulsa Police Department."

"I want to know which security footage they got to see because they couldn't show it to us or the officer," said Robert. "It's kind of ridiculous. There's no safety."

As for whoever stole his recognizable white pickup with red wheels...

"I just want it back," said Robert. "Whatever pieces are left, I want them back."

Cheryl says security is supposed to be driving around the parking lot but in the 90 minutes they waited for police they didn't see any security come by.