Tulsa Police Department In Need Of More Reserve Officers

Friday, July 27th 2018, 9:58 pm
By: Amy Avery

The Tulsa Police Department is looking for more reserve officers to join its team.

The city council recently funded an academy so those who volunteer don't have to pay to go through the certification process.

Reserve Officers are just like regular police officers. They have the same equipment, same car, and same amount of training. The only difference is that they volunteer their time to protect the streets of Tulsa.

“If you already have another job that you are committed to but you still have an interest in law enforcement it’s a great opportunity to do this as a part-time basis,” said TPD Reserve Officer Mark Jennemann.

Jennemann is the President of an advertising company during the week but on the weekends, he markets a different kind of badge as a reserve officer for the Tulsa Police Department.

“I was at a point in my life where I was looking to give back more to the community and if you’re going on calls whether it’s a traffic accident or burglary it’s really good to be there when people need help,” said Jennemann.

Reserve Officers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, occupations and age ranges, but all have a passion for law enforcement agencies and what they do. 

“Its people that are well into their lives, maybe they've started their family they’ve got their career but they’ve got a calling to do something more,” said TPD Major Travis Yates.

These officers have the same amount of training as full-time officers and go on the same types of calls, the only difference is they aren't collecting a paycheck.

“You'll see them out there at parades and special events, working with other officers as back up to being solo police officers out there on the streets of Tulsa,” said Major Yates.

Major Yates says it's one of his greatest privileges to work with the reserve program because people are voluntarily risking their lives for the people of Tulsa.

“Most people want to leave a legacy in life and this is one of the best ways to do it,” he said.

If you want to be a reserve officer, you can sign up at JoinTPD.com

There's also an information session coming up on Tuesday, August 7th. The Q&A meeting will be held at the Tulsa Police Academy at 6 p.m.