Semi Hauling Cars Blocks Tulsa Traffic After Collision

Thursday, July 26th 2018, 8:47 pm
By: Amy Avery

Troopers say that a driver was trying to merge from Elwood onto I-44. In this area, there's a CDL lane in the middle between I-44 and the Elwood merging lane. 

Troopers say the driver in the Elwood lane was yielding while the person in the middle lane stopped completely to let the person in the Elwood lane out. 

Troopers say a semi that was still moving pretty fast in the CDL lane couldn't stop so they overcorrected and ended up across both lanes of traffic on I-44 east bound. In the process, the semi had hit some other cars and some of them were even pushed off the road. 

Troopers say at least one person was transported from all of the cars involved. Others were treated on scene but OHP says this all could've been prevented. 

"It was a nice gesture from the lady in the left lane but she has the right of way so you need to keep with the right of way. There's a yield in the right lane for a reason to not impact the flow of traffic so stopping in that left lane backs up traffic which could cause accidents and possible injuries."

Traffic was backed up for about an hour and a half and the road was opened back up around 8:30.