Murder Rate Down In Tulsa Compared To This Time Last Year

Monday, July 16th 2018, 7:44 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa homicide detectives have worked 21 murders so far this year.

They say that number is down significantly from this time last year.

Sergeant Dave Walker says this is one of the lowest homicide rates he has seen in his more than three decades with the Tulsa Police Department.

By this point last year, he says he was working on the city’s 50th homicide of the year.

Of the 21 murders in 2018, Walker says 19 of those have been solved.

Detectives are still looking for whoever killed James Mitchell and Lydia Gibson.

The slow down has allowed detectives to focus their efforts on those two unsolved cases and work on preventing the next murder.

“We know who the bad guys are, the real bad guys.  We know who the ones are who have killed and gotten away with it,” said Walker.  “We know who you are, so we are going to work to protect the public by expecting that you are going to do it again and, when you do it again, we are going to be here.”

Detectives say they can’t take credit for the low homicide rate and say they aren’t exactly sure why the numbers have dropped off.

The low numbers could be a mixture of several factors, like the teamwork-oriented way TPD works homicides and the city’s concentrated effort cracking down on violent and repeat offenders.

The Tulsa Police Department has one of the highest homicide solve rates in the nation.