Owasso Police Looking For Two Suspects In Several Car Burglaries

Friday, July 13th 2018, 9:50 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Owasso Police are trying to identify two people they say broke into vehicles overnight and may have a stolen car.

Police say they've gotten at least five different reports of cars being broken into overnight. Now they're asking the public for help to try and catch them. Surveillance video taken from a house in Owasso shows two people, suspected of breaking into vehicles. One person can be seen trying to open locked doors. In the background, you can see another person opening an unlocked door.

"Several vehicles that we know of were entered, and some of the owners are trying to determine if there was anything taken out of them," said Lt. Nick Boatman of Owasso Police.

The burglaries happened in the area of 86 Street North and 145th east avenue. Residents say the neighborhood is very quiet.

"It's fairly crime free, I don't think that we've had any serious crimes," said resident David Andrews.

Police say nothing was taken in this video, but others were not as lucky. They believe these suspects also took a purse and stole credit cards. They may also have stolen a 2013 Cadillac SRX.

"It seems like the suspects are just randomly walking down the street and trying door handles and if they happen to get in one they'll get whatever they have," said Lt. Boatman.

Police also believe there could be more people involved. Lee Sedgwick lives in the neighborhood and says she constantly talks with her daughter about locking her vehicle.

"Just don't leave stuff in the car, keep it with you," said Sedgwick. "Keep all of your belongings that have value out of the truck keep them in the house keep them with you at all times,"

Police are asking people to always lock their cars. If you recognize anyone from that video call Owasso police.