Locust Grove Boys And Girls Club Field Trips In Jeopardy After Theft

Tuesday, July 10th 2018, 11:29 am
By: Tess Maune

The Locust Grove Boys and Girls Club may have to call off the rest of its summer field trips after thieves stole all the money they’re fundraised earlier this year.

The Boys & Girls Club of Green Country CEO, Rose Craig, says her kids are heartbroken after the close to $2,000 they’d worked so hard for disappeared, leaving the rest of the summer’s activities hanging in the balance.

"It's sad," Craig said. "It breaks my heart that somebody would take from kids."

This is the second burglary at the same office in two years.  Craig said, the first time, thieves stole computers, gaming systems, and tools.

“That’s when we decided we need to get cameras put up,” said Craig.

And they did, but Craig says the cameras didn’t capture video of who broke in while employees were off for a couple of days for Independence Day.

“They pushed in a window air conditioning unit that we had in our unit director’s office and climbed in through the window,” she said.  “The money was actually locked up, but they obviously got to the locked cabinet and retrieved the money.”

Craig says the club is out $2,000 – all the money the club had fundraised to take the kids on summer field trips.

“A lot of these kids would never get to go into any of those places,” she said.  “We have several low-income families, families that are working parents who can’t take time out of their day.”

She says the kids are crushed.

“They were really looking forward to it.  It was heartbreaking to have to sit them down and tell them they wouldn’t be able to go on the trip,” she said.

But with help from the Locust Grove Police Department, Craig is hopeful they will get the money back in time to take the kids to the water park like she promised.

You can donate to the Locust Grove Boys & Girls Club through its website.