PSO Customers Could See Slight Decrease In Utility Bills

Friday, June 29th 2018, 5:39 am
By: Dave Davis

Public Service Company of Oklahoma customers could get a bit of a break on their utility bills for the rest of the year. 

Oklahoma's Attorney General Mike Hunter estimates the savings for each PSO customer would be about $24 spread out over the remaining months of 2018.  That breaks down to between $4 and $5 a month.

This all stems from the large corporate tax cuts that came into play with the passage of the new tax law.

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Now, an administrative law judge has recommended PSO pass along their tax savings to customers.  The Oklahoma Corporation Commission is scheduled to review it.

Hunter is asking the OCC "complete their review as quickly as possible to benefit PSO customers."

AG Mike Hunter news release

Just this month, the OCC recommended OG&E pass along a one-time refund to their customers because of corporate tax cuts.

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In that case, customers are getting over $18 knocked off their July bill.