Veteran Steals From Woman With Dementia Who Had Been Helping Him

Monday, June 18th 2018, 11:05 pm
By: Brian Dorman

An Army veteran is accused of taking nearly $30,000 from a woman with dementia who spent much of her time volunteering to help Green Country veterans.

Those closest to her say she had no idea much of her life savings was being spent in casinos and on things she would never dream of buying.

There is a lot of love and concern for 70-year-old Dorothy Green, a woman who spent more than five years working the front desk welcoming folks into Tulsa’s Coffee Bunker.

“We were her only family in the area and she was looking for something to get her out of the house,” said Scott Blackburn from Coffee Bunker.  “We always miss her.”

It was there that she made friends with veteran Richard Dwyer, who still gets services there.

Those closest to Dorothy say Dwyer moved into her home, made her get rid of her dog, who they say was the love of her life, stopped her from taking medicine, and then started asking for money.

“Some of her investors became worried about her, notified her power of attorney, who got Tulsa PD involved,” said Detective Matt Rose.

Terry Tarwater, who holds power of attorney for Dorothy, says, “we would ask her, ‘did you know he was living with you?’  ‘Yes.’  ‘Did you know he was doing this?’  ‘No.’  ‘Did you know that he was withdrawing money every day?’ ‘No.’”

Tarwater says Dorothy had no idea credit cards were being opened and used nearly every day in her name, making it difficult to guess how much was taken.

“A credit bill came today I had no idea about – in excess of 25,000.  It would be difficult to recover this, at best,” Tarwater said.

As the investigation continues, those at the Coffee Bunker are struggling to understand how someone they’re helping could do something like this to someone who was helping them.

“It’s very difficult, it’s very difficult for us,” said Blackburn.

Police say Dwyer confessed to everything.  Charges are pending.