Volunteers Helping Bartlesville Business Recover After Fire

Wednesday, June 13th 2018, 5:40 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The Bartlesville business that burned yesterday hopes to reopen in some fashion next week and with volunteer labor, they've made progress on clean up today.

The fire marshal believes lightning started the fire but they're not quite sure. Regardless it ignited a big volunteer effort to get these folks back in business.

One day after the fire started the burned debris is off to the side to make room for reconstruction. Friends of the family were up on the roof, tearing off what's left of it. They're still working to tear out damage left by the storm and the fire, but Rhonda Yocham still can't believe what all was saved.

It's amazing God is amazing," she said.

The Yocham's friends cleared out the part of the building that needs repairs, and now they're going through inventory and making room for sewing machines and leather tooling, so the business can reopen.

Rick Yocham says he has not had to ask anyone to help.

"But they just showed up and they've been here two days. It's not my charm, for sure," said Rick. Their friends say they're just returning a gift.

The Yocham's now call these volunteers family, which helps, because in the rush to save everything and make quick repairs they have no idea how many people helped or who they are.

 “But I recognized their face because they had been in the shop or we'd done something for them, but no you don't until something happens and then you think, God I'm glad to live here, Yep, Oklahoma is a good place to live,” said Rick

The store saved all of the heirloom furniture pieces they had in to restore for people, and they believe they can get back to work on that early next week.