Downtown Tulsa Artwork Inspires Women In Recovery

Friday, June 1st 2018, 6:05 pm
By: Brian Dorman

The First Friday Art Crawl was held Friday in the Tulsa Arts District and one exhibit is having a profound impact on visitors.

Pieces from Consuelo Underwood are on display at 108 Contemporary across from Guthrie Green.

Consuelo's work revolves around borders and immigration and woven into a large display are some incredibly personal stories. One art piece is really resonating with dozens of women, in fact, some are describing it as life changing!

"Can we get along? I want that to be the message. Can we get along?" said Underwood.

Woven into these pieces of art powerful stories of inclusion, nature, and growth. This one demonstrates the United States divided by a growing wall along the Mexico border.

"When I started this series 8 years ago there were only 10 border walls, now there's 40."

But it's another piece showing flowers divided by the Arkansas River that means so much to Consuelo and those who helped create it. Embedded stories so personal they're hard to share.

Women in Recovery worked with Consuelo to create this piece proving we all struggle and can and should come together without borders to support one another. One participant, Sonya Pyles reflected on the dark times she experienced and the feeling the piece gave her.

"I grew up in an abusive home some of it very violent. I felt hopeless and I really thought I would die if I didn't get treatment and get help. This opportunity has been life-changing for me!" said Pyles.

"I'm so happy that Tulsa exists you know, it's amazing," said Underwood. This is Consuelo’s first time in Tulsa and she says she may gain inspiration from Green Country for her next piece.

The exhibit runs through July 22nd.