Owasso Police: Three Arrested For Burglary

Friday, May 25th 2018, 4:36 pm
By: News On 6

Owasso Police say they have arrested 3 people on burglary charges after police found several stolen items and marijuana in their vehicle.

Early Friday morning, officers say they pulled over Jessica Holdcroft for a defective headlight near Pamela Hodson Elementary School on 86th Street in Owasso. Also, in the vehicle were Cassius Holdcroft, Colby Axsom.

"When he started running a check on people he noticed that one of them had several outstanding warrants for their arrest." Said Lt. Boatman of Owasso PD.

Police say Cassius was asked to exit the vehicle when he did officers could see drug paraphernalia in the passenger door compartment. According to the report Cassius indicated that he had marijuana in the car.  Officers conducted a search of the vehicle finding not only the marijuana but items they say were for sale and distribution of drugs.

In addition, officers say the found a ballistic vest and gas mask. Jessica Holdcroft admitted they had been breaking into cars and stealing items.

"Credit cards and wallets and money that is left in vehicles this is also kind of unique because there was also some military stuff that was left in the car, a helmet, a vest that people wouldn’t normally be driving around with," said Lt. Boatman.

Officers arrested Jessica Holdcroft, Cassius Holdcroft, Colby Axsom on several complaints of burglary and hope the arrest sends a clear message to thieves in the area.

"We are happy that we keep catching these guys we want to send the message out not to come to Owasso and steal because we wanna get you and get that stuff back to the owners," said Lt. Boatman.

Victims say they hope the community will take away one lesson from this story and that is to never leave valuable things in your cars regardless of how safe you think your neighborhood is.