Sand Springs Police Implementing New Policing Plan

Tuesday, May 22nd 2018, 5:47 pm

Sand Springs Police Department says it has a new plan that guides every facet of how they do police work and interact with citizens.

Sand Springs Police Captain Todd Enzbrenner has spent plenty of hours behind the wheel of a patrol car.

He believes during that time attitudes towards police have changed, but the effectiveness of community policing is a constant.

“They work with us, we work with them, and we’re working together to keep crime down,” Enzbrenner said.

Chief Mike Carter says, “all of this is directed towards making sure we’re policing the way our community wants us to police.”

He says the new policing plan, which is the third one he’s done, lays out policy on everything from car stops to uniforms and weapons and what they’re doing to improve training and save money.

The document also lays out some plans of how they’ll run a city lock up at a new public safety center that opens next year.

“A big one for us is, in the new facility, making all the phone calls free for prisoners,” said Chief Carter.

The chief says his department puts their plans in writing to encourage community feedback, with the expectation they’ll come up with improvements every year.

He says, “generally, the public needs to know what your philosophy is as a police department and you need to listen to your community about how they want to be policed.”

In addition to policies and guidelines, the plan details some new equipment Sand Springs officers will have as a second non-lethal option to their handguns and rifles.