Tree Crashes Into Tulsa Garage Apartment

Thursday, May 3rd 2018, 12:48 pm

Storm damage from Wednesday night's storms includes a vacant garage apartment in mid-town Tulsa. The structure was crushed when a 40-foot tall tree uprooted and smashed it.

One of the homeowner's cars is crushed, and everything that was stored inside the garage is a mess after severe storms rolled through. The homeowners said they parked their car in the garage because of the potential for hail - and never expected their tree to uproot.

Next door neighbor Jerry McCaskill said the storm was so loud, he didn't even hear the tree crush the garage.

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"The house started shaking, really vibrating, and I thought 'earthquake' at first and was like 'oh, no this is a tornado' because it was really loud and then it stopped and just blowing rain," he said.

The family said thankfully no one was hurt, and they do have insurance.