Tulsa Police Begin New Campaign To Catch White Collar Criminals

Monday, April 30th 2018, 10:19 pm
By: Brian Dorman

Tulsa police are tracking down people committing white collar crimes.

They’re coming after those who write bad checks, steal credit cards, take mail, and pass counterfeit money.

They’re also asking for your help.

There were 5,400 reports of white collar crimes in Tulsa last year.

This year, thanks to a new campaign, they’re hoping with your help to “catch ‘em if you can” before those numbers go up.

“Once these suspects have your information, you know, they pass it around from friend-to-friend and, unfortunately, that means the same victim is victimized over-and-over again,” said TPD Corporal Matt Rose.  “Our goal with this campaign is to track down who these suspects are at the beginning.”

Tulsa police are teaming up with the Oklahoma Attorney General and the Tulsa County District Attorney for a campaign called “Catch ‘Em While You Can.”  You will see their new logo on social media and on television linked to criminals behind white collar crimes in Tulsa.

“Obviously, if you see the logo, it will automatically mean, ‘do I know this person or do I not?’” stated Rose.  “Share it with your friends.  We have an 86 percent success rate every time we share it on social media.”

Rose says, “with the catch ‘em if you can campaign, we’re really asking the public, ‘hey, find our information, get it out there quickly and try to get these suspects identified.’  Our whole goal is to let the white collar criminals know if you do the crime we will come and arrest you.”

The campaign is underway now, so you may notice the logo showing up quite a bit on your Facebook feed.

Police are asking that, if you recognize anyone they are looking for, you call them right away.