Uninsured Driver Causes Claremore Woman Issues Following Crash

Friday, April 27th 2018, 11:00 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A Claremore woman says she's now out about $500 after someone hit her as she was driving in Tulsa earlier this week.

That woman said the driver who hit her was uninsured.

Morgan Campbell said her vehicle was hit right at 36th and Yale earlier this week. 

She said the woman who hit her refused to pay her the full amount, saying it wasn’t her fault. 

"The car to the right of me proceeded to switch lanes but there was nowhere to go," said Campbell.  

She said a woman hit her vehicle as she was driving through midtown on Wednesday. 

When she pulled over to look at the damage, Campbell said the women asked her not to take it to authorities. 

Campbell remembers the woman saying, "Don't call the police, don't call the police, I'm gonna pay, I'm gonna pay, I'm sorry."

"She proceeds to say she has no insurance this isn't her car," said Campbell. 

Campbell said she called Tulsa Police anyway but since Operation Slick Streets was in effect and there were no injuries, TPD asked her to file a report online and exchange numbers. 

Campbell filed the report, got repair estimates, then called and texted the woman. 

"She said my insurance company already contacted her and said not to have contact with me and in fact, that’s not true," Campbell said.  

She said the woman also told her that she would file harassment charges. 

News On 6 called the woman to ask her if she'd like to share her side of the story but she said it wasn't any of our business and blamed Morgan Campbell. She also threatened to file harassment charges against Campbell. 

"I would be open too if she would get me the $500, cash for the deductible I would just let it go so I can get my car fixed," Campbell said. "People like me who have insurance and pay monthly are the ones who are out of pocket and all the consequences go away for people who don't have insurance."