Lawmakers Fatigued By Long Session

Thursday, April 19th 2018, 5:53 pm
By: David Prock

Lawmakers are hoping to end this legislative session early.

Normally, the legislature meets for about four months each year, from the first Monday of February to the last Friday of May.  

But with all the budget problems, and special sessions, lawmakers have now been in session for nearly 15 months.

Majority Floor Leader Senator Greg Treat (R) of Oklahoma City believes everyone at the Capital is feeling the effects of the longer session.

"Oh, I think there's fatigue.  Not just among my colleagues, I hear it from the press corps too and I hear it from constituents and I hear it from agency heads.  There's definitely fatigue.  We've been here non stop since February," Treat said.

House leaders say they expect to adjourn May 4th. The Senate has not released any dates yet.