Two Men Arrested After Standoff In Broken Arrow

Monday, April 16th 2018, 1:42 pm
By: News On 6

Two men are in jail after a standoff in Broken Arrow near 91st and Elm.

Police say it started over concerns a woman and her two small children were being held hostage by a wanted suspect.

Bail enforcement officers on scene say that they have been trying to arrest Shawn Williams for months.  They say they came to Williams' home on Monday because they got a call claiming he was armed and wouldn't let his wife leave.  The bail bondsman called police.

Williams' neighbor, Vic Meyer, came home on Monday to a lot of commotion - police officers securing the scene, special operations team members on rooftops, police cars and ambulances blocking the streets.

"It's not exactly how I imagined meeting the for the first time, but we certainly wish them well," said Meyer.  "They are going through something they didn't plan on, I'm sure."

Police say they were called to the house around 10:30 a.m. Monday for a possible domestic situation.

"There was a male inside.  There was also an adult female inside and a child inside," said Broken Arrow Police Captain Stephen Garrett.  "That there was possibly a weapon involved and that the male subject inside had warrants out for his arrest."

Before the special operations team got to the scene, police say officers were able to talk with Williams' wife.  They quickly got her and her two small children out of the house to safety.

"There was concern of a hostage situation.  There was at no time a hostage situation," said Officer James Koch.

Williams and his cousin, Trenton Posey, were still inside the home.  Officers say the men were not armed and stayed on the phone with police through the entire situation.

"He was afraid of the outcome if he had come outside," said Koch.  "He was afraid that he might be injured, so we assured him that he would not be injured, to come out and follow instructions, and he did so."

Police arrested Williams on his outstanding warrants.  Posey was booked into jail for obstruction.

Neighbors say they are just glad the situation was resolved and no one was hurt.