Man Arrested for Poaching Turkeys

Saturday, April 14th 2018, 10:07 pm
By: David Prock

A man was arrested in Kingfisher County Friday as Game Wardens seized five illegally harvested turkeys from the suspects truck.

According to Wardens Blake Pearson and Mark Murray, the arrest came after many calls from a landowner saw someone road hunting near their property. That owner was able to get the tag number after seeing the driver hanging out the window with a rifle pointed at a field full of turkeys.

Officials were able to the find the suspect working on a drilling rig in Kingfisher County, where the suspect admitted to shooting five Tom turkeys with a suppressed .223 rifle.

The suspect is facing several charges including illegal possession of wildlife and shooting from a public roadway. In addition, when a suppressed weapon is used to illegally harvest wildlife in Oklahoma, an additional $500 enhancement is added to all charges.