Bristow Parents Confused By District's Approach To The Walkout

Tuesday, April 10th 2018, 7:15 pm
By: News On 6

Students in Bristow were in class Tuesday.  In fact, the district has been in session for most of the walkout, closing only one day.

Parents said they are confused, saying last week Bristow schools were in session, then closed Monday, but were back Tuesday.

"We've been told ‘we're walking out,’ ‘this bill passed we're not walking out,’ and then, ‘okay, we're walking out again.’  That's the way the last two weeks has gone," said parent of eight, Amber Givings.

Givings said the district's approach to the walkout has left some scratching their heads.

"As a parent, I'm somewhat grateful that Bristow is in school, but, at the same time, I 100 percent back our teachers and think our classrooms need more funding, so I don't understand why we're not up there supporting them," Givings said.

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School has been in session every day but April 9, when teachers rallied in Oklahoma City.

Parents got the call Sunday night that school would be canceled.

"They said it was due to teachers being absent,” said parent Erin Willaford.  “The administration hasn't been particularly very forthcoming with information on their stance of it."

Bristow Superintendent Curtis Shelton said the majority of teachers voted not to shut down for the walkout.  Instead, he said the school sent a small advocacy group to the Capitol to represent them.

However, some parents are concerned the district hasn't been as supportive as they could have been.

"I think a lot of teachers have been discouraged, very much so, from speaking out and from attending," said Willaford.

The superintendent said the community has been incredibly supportive during this time, but he did not want to answer any questions on camera.