Union Teachers Meet With Legislator, Push For More Funding

Friday, March 30th 2018, 5:55 pm
By: News On 6

Teachers at one Union school say the historic tax bill signed into law Thursday doesn't do enough for education funding.

They shared their thoughts with one lawmaker Friday.

They met at Moore Elementary to talk to their legislator about efforts to restore education funding with many agreeing more needs to be done.

"Beyond pay, it is crucial that we fund education," said Teacher Katie Steele. 

Even with the signing of a new bill to increase teacher pay, Steele, along with several other teachers at Union Public Schools, said the fight for education funding is far from over.

"I really hope that legislators realize that education funding must be restored. Teachers will not be satisfied unless we have that component," said Steele. 

Governor Mary Fallin signed a teacher pay raise package Thursday that will increase teacher salaries by at least 15 percent.

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State Representative Ross Ford said he supports the bill and spoke with teachers this morning.

"I don't believe it's a short-term fix. If it was a short-term fix I wouldn't have voted for it," said State Representative Ross Ford. 

Ford said he believes lawmakers are taking steps in the right direction.

"For what we have to work with in the state of funding, this is a really good first step," Ford said. 

Steele said for teachers, ultimately it's about the students.

"For the children in our state, for the future of our state, we have got to take this seriously and do something," said Steele. 

With the future in mind, Steele said she will join hundreds of other teachers from across the state at the capitol to push for more to be done.
"I believe the walkout and the shutdown will continue until they find a way to fund education with a big number. Not just a little amount," said Steele. 

Teachers are still asking parents, teachers, and students to call their legislators, demanding more be done for education funding.