Claremore Woman Arrested For School Bomb Threat

Wednesday, March 28th 2018, 2:48 am

Claremore Police released new information about the woman they said called in a bomb threat at several schools in the district.

Police said it took several hours to track down the suspect in the bomb threat, 48-year-old Stephanie Montgomery, who is now in the Rogers County jail.

Deputy Chief Steve Cox said the high school's attendance secretary got a call from Montgomery and the secretary could tell she was not using her real voice.

"We believed that it was a woman who tried to disguise her voice as a man," Cox said. "She said there was numerous bombs in backpacks at the high school, then, she didn't make a specific threat to a specific elementary school but she did say there were numerous other bombs at our elementary schools."

Police said Montgomery blocked her number when she called the school but investigators were still able to find her.

"It was going backwards - trying to find a person tied to that phone number, and investigators continued to work on that for hours until we actually developed our suspect," Cox said.

The call prompted evacuations at all Claremore Public Schools and law enforcement spent the rest of Tuesday searching every school in the district.

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Tuesday evening, the department posted on its Facebook page, all seven campuses had been cleared and they did not locate any bombs or other explosive devices.

Montgomery was booked into the jail just before midnight.

They say when questioned, Montgomery confessed to calling the high school Tuesday morning and making the threat. On Tuesday, police said the caller told a school secretary that there were bombs in backpacks inside the elementary and high schools.

Officers said they still don't know why she made the threat.

"We can't find any ties to the school. No student-aged children in her home. We're still trying to figure that out," Cox said.

In a post on the department's Facebook page, police said Montgomery was arrested for making a terrorist threat.

Montgomery could face terrorism hoax charges.

Officials say Claremore Public Schools will be in session Wednesday.

Wednesday, the Claremore Police Department posted the following on its Facebook page: