Gathering Place Ambassador Gives A Sneak Peek At New Playground

Wednesday, February 21st 2018, 7:43 pm

As the opening of the Gathering Place gets closer, News on 6's LeAnne Taylor got a sneak peek at the new playground and met the Gathering Place Ambassador, 10-year-old Ariana Reagor.

Ariana is a 5th grader at Union's Moore Elementary who was chosen to be the ambassador - someone who can talk to others about the park and invite people to visit.

"I go online and check out what the Gathering Place has and all the things you can do there for kids and adults," said Ariana.  "Then when we come here, then I try to find those things so I know like there's the Loopty Loop slide and Skywalk Forrest."

She is also encouraging students to get involved in the Reading Tree Challenge.

Ariana says "at the beginning of the school year, Tulsa County kids were challenged to read 2 million books to have the park open, and ever since then they've been reading and reading and reading!"

The Reading Tree Challenge is inspired by the real Reading Tree - the tallest and oldest Cottonwood in the park.  It's a place where kids will be able to come and enjoy a good book.

The playground is only open for field trips right now.

And right in the middle of things, the gathering place ambassador, sharing her enthusiasm for a park that will be for generations to come.

The park is scheduled to open this summer with the hopes of kids reading 2 million books before then.  The Reading Tree Challenge is open to children of all ages.  For information on how to participate, go to