Volunteer Task Force Needs Funding To Solve Tulsa Area Cold Cases

Tuesday, October 31st 2017, 7:00 pm
By: News On 6

A group of retired FBI and ATF agents, homicide detectives, crime scene specialists and a DNA expert is trying to solve 31 decades old Tulsa area murders.

They volunteer their time and are getting close in a few cases, but they've run into a roadblock – a lack of money.

The Tulsa County Cold Case Task Force thought they'd just provide some expert advice on the old cases, but when they realized the sheriff's office didn't have the manpower to act on it they started following leads, tracking down witnesses and going through evidence - but that costs money.

Retired Tulsa Homicide Sergeant Mike Huff leads the group of investigators that include people like retired FBI agent Jim Norman, who was the case agent on the Oklahoma City bombing.

They have the skill and know-how to solve cases, but what they don't have is the money to make it happen.

"Every DNA test costs $900. $900 and the sheriff's office has zero," retired DEA Agent Doc Shannon said. "We seriously need to make a trip to South Carolina. We seriously need to make a couple of trips to Texas."

The volunteers are paying for their own gas and hotel rooms.

They're not complaining, but they know they could do more, faster, if they had a little help.

Sheriff Vic Regalado created a non-profit foundation and people can donate and earmark the money for the Cold Case Task Force, whose focus is to get answers for the families.

"We have some very emotional connections with these families and we're not ready to give that up," Huff said.

You can learn more about the 31 cold cases here.