Tulsa Sex Offenders Legally Allowed To Pass Out Candy On Halloween

Monday, October 30th 2017, 6:12 pm

There are hundreds of registered sex offenders in our neighborhoods and it's legal for all of them to pass out candy from their home this Halloween.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said they are encouraged not to participate in trick-or-treating, but parents should be aware of where they live.

The sheriff's office said right now is the time to do some research on your neighborhood before everyone's busy with costumes and candy Halloween night.

While ghosts and goblins are going door-to-door, there are a few things to keep in mind.

"Never eat anything that's homemade or unwrapped," said Sergeant Randy Chapman. "Don't play with cell phones while you're walking up and down the streets and walk out into the middle of a car."

Chapman said to be aware there are hundreds of sex offenders in our area.

About 400 in the city of Tulsa and about 300 throughout Tulsa County.

"What does a sex offender look like? They look like everybody else," Chapman said.

That's why he encourages parents to go online and look up the neighborhood they'll be trick-or-treating in.

Especially if it's unfamiliar. 

"A lot of people do like to go to other neighborhoods because they think they're safer, you just don't know," Chapman said.

In his 24 years at the sheriff's office, Chapman said he's never heard of an issue with a sex offender on Halloween.

"I'm not saying there isn't any incidents but I've never heard of one here in Tulsa. Always on a national level," Chapman said.

And while he said they are encouraged to skip out on trick-or-treating, sex offenders are within their rights to pass out candy on their property.

A good rule of thumb for Halloween night, he said, is to simply take a look at the porch light.

"If the porch light is out, bypass it. They're either not wanting to participate, or they're not friendly, so don't do it," Chapman said.

To search the sex offender registry for Tulsa, visit www.tulsapolice.org. For Tulsa County, visit www.icrimewatch.net.