Stray Gunfire Concerns Raised In Sand Springs Neighborhood

Wednesday, October 11th 2017, 3:18 am
By: News On 6

One Sand Springs family is speaking out after they say stray bullets have been hitting homes in their neighborhood for months now.

Neighbors tell News On 6, they hear gunshots almost every day.  They say they have been finding stray bullets on sidewalks and some have even reported damages to their homes. 

Shawndy Weathers and her family have lived in their home for the last two years.  It's a quiet neighborhood with lots of space for her kids to play. 

But Weathers says she has been hearing gunshots in the distance since she moved in. 

"It happens so much that I don't even notice it anymore but pretty much every day," said Shawndy Weathers.

And some of those bullets she thought she was hearing in the distance, struck too close for comfort.  

"I was just walking in the house and there was a bullet laying on the sidewalk, holy cow what if my kids were out there with the sidewalk chalk?" said Weathers.

Weathers discovered another bullet hole in her garage door 

"If that would've went through my house and shot one of us," said Shawndy Weathers.

A few blocks away, a stray bullet hit a man who was walking into a baby shower back in July. Now Weathers says she is worried about her kids playing outside. 

"It's just the thought, that if they are outside they might get shot," said Shawndy Weathers.

Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies say they have received a number of calls about gunshots in the area.

"Shots fired is not an abnormal thing out in the county," said TCSO Deputy Justin Green.

Deputies patrol the streets regularly but Deputy Green says the shots are hard to track. 

"We get a report, get out there and the person shooting the firearm is gone, it leaves a lot of unknown variables there for us to investigate," said Deputy Green.

Weathers says she just wants to let her daughters outside to play without being afraid of stray bullets and she is hoping the city can help her do that. 

Deputy Green encourages residents, to keep reporting, call the sheriffs office the second you hear gunfire and make a report to deputies not on social media.