Boy Thrown From SUV That Was Hit By Car Chased By Tulsa Police

Sunday, October 8th 2017, 7:05 pm
By: News On 6

Police say a six-year-old boy thrown from an SUV is recovering in a Tulsa hospital after a chase and crash.

Officers say the woman who caused that crash, 25-year-old Alexa Torres, is in the Tulsa County jail.

They say Torres was booked on numerous complaints including eluding, possession of a stolen vehicle and hit and run.

Police say after getting a call about a stolen vehicle, officers spotted the white Acura and tried to stop it, but the driver took off and kept going until she eventually crashed into an SUV.

When it crashed, police say a boy inside the SUV was thrown out.  Officers say he had teeth knocked out as well as serious bruising on his body and lungs, but no broken bones.

"He was sitting up and talking but I don't know how far he was ejected. it was a pretty good distance and he was bloody," said Tulsa Police Sgt. Steve Stoltz.

He says officers tried to stop the Acura, but Torres just wouldn't stop.

"She doesn't have any real excuse for why she ran. but she was going on about how she doesn't want to go back to prison but she pretty much guaranteed that she is," said Sgt. Steve Stoltz.

Police say Torres crashed through construction barricades near Harvard and Admiral.  Cut through a church parking lot, and sped through a neighborhood where she crashed into a parked car. 

From there, police say she backed up and took off again, this time hitting a family's SUV traveling north on Harvard.

"Seeing a kid covered in blood doesn't really generate sympathy from me for her plight considering she knew what she's doing," said Sgt. Steve Stoltz.

While the damaged SUV came to rest against a fence, Torres stopped about 50 yards away in someone's front yard. 

Police say she told them she legally bought the car but drove away because she didn't think police would believe her story.

"Right now she is inconsolable which I have zero sympathy for what so ever," said Sgt. Steve Stoltz

Police said Torres boyfriend showed up to the scene and was arrested.  He's accused of threatening the stolen car's actual owners with a gun.

It's not clear if the family in the SUV was wearing seat belts.