EMSA Gives Advice For Fair Goers

Saturday, October 7th 2017, 6:56 pm
By: News On 6

The Tulsa State Fair wraps up tomorrow and the past 10 days have provided a lot of excitement mixed in with a few medical situations that required attention.

Hundreds come to the Tulsa State Fair every day and any medical emergency falls into the hands of just more than a dozen EMSA crews circulating around the clock to keep you safe.

The lights, sights, and smells are the first things you notice when you step foot into the Tulsa state fair.

And if you're looking for fun, that's just what you'll get.

"The atmosphere really. I really enjoy coming here seeing all the people." Said fair goer Dakota Harper. 

But sprinkled around the hordes of people, food and games are EMSA crews on bikes and in medical carts.

And if they aren't around the fair, they are in the makeshift emergency room monitoring emergency calls.

"It's been pretty steady so far.” Said Lee Gibson with EMSA

For the most part, crews have had to respond to general medical calls like seizures and falls. 

Because there's been so much rain, heat hasn't really contributed.

But also take your own precautions.

" … take all of your medication you're prescribed to take before coming out here. If you do come out here and you have a whole list of meds you want to make sure we have access to that." Said Gibson.

Dakota Harper and his friends are in town for the fair and they've come up against a few things.

"With the lines so long we've only got to ride about three rides." Said Harper. 

On top of the long lines, there's been motion sickness.

"I was riding the wipeout. I hadn't drunk anything all day so I was dehydrated so I just puked everywhere.” Said Andrew Hope.

EMSA said it's important to stay hydrated even in cooler weather, but also be wary of mixing too much fair food with the wild rides.

Tulsa County deputies have been helping with dispatching crews to help people with medical emergencies.