Broken Arrow Toddler Featured In Viral Video Chats With News On 6

Friday, October 6th 2017, 7:08 am

For the first time, we are hearing from a two-year-old Broken Arrow toddler about her viral video that's been viewed millions of times.

The video shows her becoming emotional during the movie "The Good Dinosaur."

Like many of you, I saw the video on Facebook after my husband sent it to me.  And also like many of you, I teared up.
The little girl in this video is Jentree Joles. 
And you can see tears fall down her face after the dinosaur get separated from his family.

She's still talking about what happened. 

"He slipped down to the water. He fell down.  He lost his momma. Poor dinosaur," said Jentree Joles.

Her grandma recorded the video the first time Jentree watched because she had never seen this sort of reaction from Jentree.

She sent the video to her daughter and she posted it to social media and it's been viewed well over 50-million times.

"When I scroll through Facebook and I see other people who have shared it, I'm like, well, there's Jentree again, there's Jentree again. You just can't even believe it," said Tamara Hryshchuck.

Her grandma says she actually turned the movie off right after she stopped recording.

But because Jentree was so worried about what happened to the dinosaur, they watched it again and Jentree got to see the dinosaur reunites with this family.

Coming up in later Friday, we'll hear more from Jentree and her family on her newfound fame.