Cherokee Veterans Travel To Washington, D.C.

Sunday, September 24th 2017, 9:42 pm
By: News On 6

Eight American warriors prepare to head out for the fourth Cherokee Warrior Flight.

On Monday morning, veterans and other members of the Cherokee Nation will get on a flight at Tulsa's International Airport. 

The three-day trip will take them to all of the war memorials.

It's a dignity that even time can't erase. 

At one point, these now gray-haired men fought valiantly for America.

"Our World War II veterans are aging. So, we are trying to catch as many that are able to go." Said Cherokee Nation Chief Bill John Baker. 

To honor what they've done and who they are, they are taking flight again as warriors.

"I was in the infantry in the Army over in the Philippines." Said 92-year-old World War II Veteran Wayne Kellehan.

But instead of charging into battle they are taking a trip to remember where they've come and the brothers they lost along the way. 

"I'm thinking that everything has changed a lot since World War II," Kellehan said. 

Kellehan, along with two fellow World War II veterans, three Korean war veterans and two Vietnam veterans are preparing to go on leave for the 4th Cherokee Warrior flight.

During the three-day trip, they'll visit the Arlington national cemetery, the World War II memorial, the Korean war veterans memorial, and the Vietnam wall.

"Wow, it is amazing. I mean I'm excited I'll tell you what." Said Kellehan.

This kind of excitement is what organizers strive for. 

With 4,000 military veterans who are Cherokee Nation citizens, It's the least that can be done to show a few heroes how much they mean.

"Cherokees have always honored and revered our warriors before any written history. And this is just one more way we can show not only honor but respect." Said Chief Baker. 

The veterans are scheduled to get back to Tulsa around 10 pm Wednesday night.