Police Release Images Of Man Suspected Of Burglarizing Tulsa Couple’s Home

Wednesday, September 13th 2017, 7:02 pm
By: News On 6

Police hope surveillance video leads them to a man who burglarized a home while its owners were inside.

The owners said the thief stole electronics and credit cards then drove off in their car, all while they and their 8-year-old daughter slept.

Bryan Bowlin and his wife, Teresa, didn't know someone was sneaking around their home in the middle of the night until they couldn't figure out why the door to their garage was cracked open.

"I thought that one of us had got up at one point and forgot to close it completely. So I opened it to see what was out there and the garage door was open. And with the garage door being open I also noticed my car was missing," Bryan said.

After searching their home, the Bowlins discovered a car key, credit cards and electronics were also missing.

"I told Teresa we had been robbed. She started looking for her purse, which was also in the kitchen, it was gone too. So, that's when we were calling the police," he said.

The couple and their 8-year-old daughter were asleep when the intruder came in.

"She was apart from me and a stranger was here, and just the thought that something could happen to her, or to us, is really scary," Teresa said.

Police released surveillance pictures of the suspect using the couple's credit cards. The Bowlins said they hope he's caught soon.

"There are all kinds of false charges on the credit cards that were in my wife's purse, which we've reported as fraud. They started at the QuikTrip just north of our house," Bryan said.

Police found their stolen car, but Bryan said their peace of mind is still missing.

"He took electronics, iPads, iPhones, nothing that can't be replaced. The only thing that's really terrorizing was the fact that the person was here, and so close to us and we didn't know it," he said.

Police are still searching for the man who burglarized the home.

The Bowlins said they are changing their locks and installing a new alarm system.