Tulsa Police Investigate Drive-By Shooting Near 61st And Peoria

Thursday, September 7th 2017, 8:13 am

Police are investigating the third shooting near 61st and Peoria in three days.

Tulsa Police confirmed Jeraume Sango was booked into jail in connection with the drive-by. Officers said this shooting could be connected to the Savanna Landing apartment shootings.

They said the victim was standing outside of Leo's Pizza near 61st and Peoria when a driver started shooting at him.

Police said the victim is okay and cooperating with them.

"Not letting his emotions run away with him. He's actually, you know, helping us," Officer Adam Ashley said.

Not long after the shooting, police said they found what they believe to be the shooter's vehicle in a parking spot at Autumn Woods Apartments.

Police said they believe the shooting is related to one of Tuesday's murders.

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"Fixing to get up and get out of here. Been here way too long," resident Gary Dick said. "I hear shootings so much down here and watch a lot of gang fights over there at the Kwick Stop."

Dick has lived in the area for seven years, but after three shootings in just over 48 hours, he said he's ready to move, it's just a matter of when.

"I'm on a housing program where it's unsafe, but what can you do, you know, if you can't get into a house right off the bat," he said.

Tulsa Police said an 11-year-old witnessed the drive-by shooting from two blocks away. The child was not hurt.