Blue Rose Cafe Manager: TPD's Quick Response Aided In Burglars' Capture

Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 7:00 pm
By: News On 6

Two people are in custody after being accused of burglarizing a popular Tulsa restaurant along the Arkansas River.

The General Manager of the Blue Rose Cafe on Riverside actually watched the burglary go down - in real time - once he was alerted by the alarm company.

Ryan Jones was at home asleep when something woke him up.

"I got a phone call from the alarm company around one this morning," Jones said. 

He quickly logged into the camera system installed at the Blue Rose. 

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Police said someone had thrown a skateboard through a side door and then someone else went inside looking for items to steal.

Police arrested Gear Workman and Brandon Ralph for the burglary.

"We've definitely seen these guys in the area.  I'm not sure if they've been the culprits in the past but we have definitely seen them along the river or along the trail," Jones said. 

One of the men rummaged through the coolers, and at one point took a shot glass.

Then he hopped up on the counter and stole some liquor.

Jones said the whole time the alarms were sounding inside the restaurant, but the burglar didn't seem fazed.

He probably didn't expect the police to arrive so quickly.

"I think the police were here within 7 minutes," Jones said. "It was fast."

Police said officers caught one of the suspects coming out of the building but had to chase another into the woods.

They took the two into custody, who police said are both homeless, and booked them for 2nd-degree burglary.

"The city has done a great job especially in the last month with River Parks and Tulsa Police. They've really stepped up their security and Tulsa police are doing a lot more with patrols in the area, especially in the last 24 hours.  It has made a difference day and night," Jones said. 

One officer jumped from a 12-foot embankment during the chase, breaking his ankle and spraining a knee.

Another officer pulled several muscles.