Houston Drivers Dealing With Widespread Flooding

Monday, August 28th 2017, 4:40 am
By: Craig Day

News On 6 has multiple crews in south Texas Monday as residents there deal with catastrophic flooding.

Monday will be another very rough day for folks who live in the Houston, Texas Gulf Coast area.  

The rain has not let up and it's not expected to any time soon.  This area has already gotten 20 inches of rain, more is predicted before the story is over.

Here is some of the issues residents are dealing with.  

This service road is shut down and there are three cars stuck here.  They took a chance on making it through the high water and stalled out.  One of the vehicles has water up to the windows.  

Another issue is just getting around in the Houston area.  Interstate highways are shut down.  People are driving down this road and finding out lanes are closed.  They have to turn around and drive northbound in the southbound lanes, which is very dangerous.

Harvey is sitting still dropping loads of rain.  That rain is expected to continue today and into Thursday.  

For residents stranded here it is very difficult to just get around.