Tulsa Tire Slasher Caught On Camera

Thursday, August 24th 2017, 5:46 pm
By: News On 6

A tire slasher caught on camera is still on the run. 

A community is sharing surveillance video hoping someone can help figure out who it is.

Several tires were slashed around a south Tulsa neighborhood.  Most have been replaced, but some tires are still flat.

Getting them fixed will be expensive and the owner feels violated.

Mattie Sloan, one of the tire slashing victims, said, “you can see multiple marks around the wheel left by the vandals.”

Sloan is one of several people around the quiet south Tulsa neighborhood who woke up to find their tires slashed.

Most have gotten their tires fixed; it'll cost Sloan $250 to replace each tire.

Sloan said, "It's very disturbing that someone would be as brazen as they are."

It vandals struck the neighborhood in the middle of the night. 

Surveillance video shows a light colored SUV making its way around the neighborhood. 

The driver turns off the headlights, a person gets out and starts stabbing one tire, then moves to the next.

Jessica Scott, another victim, said, "We just came outside and saw what happened and we noticed our neighbor's truck tires had been slashed and then we noticed there were other houses around the neighborhood with their tires slashed as well."

Scott says the vandals flattened all four of her son's tires. 

This isn’t the only trouble this neighborhood has seen. Just days ago, someone broke out windows and egged cars in the neighborhood. 

Scott wonders if those vandals escalated to this.

 "A vandal. That's like borderline psychotic. I don't understand how people would try to hurt someone like that." Scott said. 

Sloan said they'll eventually get the tires replaced, meantime she has a message for the suspects:

"Think twice … that is not cool …  you would not want that to happen to you."

The victims all filed police reports. 

Police say by looking at the video, the SUV looks like an early 2000's model Isuzu Trooper with a hard cover tire mount.