Tulsans Wait Hours for Eclipse Glasses

Saturday, August 19th 2017, 10:36 pm

The countdown is on for the total solar eclipse and Tulsans are eager to watch.

One Tulsa store stocked up with thousands of eclipse glasses this weekend.

STEMcell Science Shop opened at 9 am Saturday to a line of hundreds wrapping around the block. They all wanted their chance to get some eclipse glasses.  

One customer claimed she had been waiting for two and a half hours. 

Some people are buying 20 glasses at once. They plan to give them away to kiddos in line.

Now, three-year-old Christopher is ready for the solar eclipse. But everyone else is still waiting for that moment when they know they'll be ready to watch the sky. 

Ruth Wilson said, "[she] watched the last total eclipse when [she] was a little girl. We went to the children's museum and made one of those box things, but it's not as good as looking directly at the sun"

Ruth Wilson wants some glasses for her grand kids, but the STEMcell Science Shop sold 3,000 pairs and had to turn people away. 

Now that all the glasses are sold out, all of these people are going to have to find another place to get their glasses.