The Love Story Of A Man And His 1982 Lincoln

Wednesday, August 2nd 2017, 6:37 pm
By: News On 6

This is a love story. 

As often happens, it involves an older man and someone much younger. She's 35 and absolutely gorgeous.

John brought his new love by Bill Knight Lincoln to show her off.

"I started with Ford in 1984. Brings back a lot of memories...neat car," said Bill Knight. 

He pointed out some of the features that made the 35-year-old beauty so special.

John recognized it right off, and it was like love at first sight. She was locked up in a storage lot.

"It said, 'John, save me. The pigeons are pooing on me,'" he said. 

They told him she was abandoned, but they had no keys nor a title, so he couldn't have her.

He persisted to the tax commission.

"And bless her heart, I got the right lady on the phone," he said. 

She helped him through the process to get legal title to the car. He paid the back storage fees and she was his.His mechanic friend Hal Suttle helped him get her running, but it didn't take much.

A 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI with only 610 miles on her.

But, like most of us who are a bit out over our skis, where a woman is concerned, John is worried.

"Everybody wants to date the prom queen, and I'm dating the prom queen right now," John said. 

He worries about every little thing.

"Maybe somebody needs to have the car that doesn't have a cat to jump on it, and has a  garage to put it in that can drive it once a week and keep it out of the rain and the fog," he said.