One-Of-A-Kind Saddle Stolen From Tulsa Rodeo Queen

Saturday, July 29th 2017, 10:53 pm
By: News On 6

A 45-year-old one-of-a-kind saddle is gone and the owner is desperate to find it.

Karen Hendrix said in the middle of the night someone stole the saddle, along with a lot more.

Crowned International Cavalcade Queen in 1971, Hendrix’s love for the rodeo and horses started a long time ago.

"It was worth a lot back in the day," she said.

Winning the title, she also won the unique saddle.

"It's one-of-a-kind it's not another saddle. Like it never been a saddle like it won't be another one like it," she said.

And 45 years later, it's kept her comfy at countless rodeos - but it has also served as a tangible childhood memory.

Hendrix said in the middle of the night a crook crept in and stole it out of her truck one day after she got back from a rodeo.

She said her neighbor spotted the man first and thought they scared him off.

"She asked me if I had left my truck doors open for any reason and I said no. And she said there was a guy here and maybe we got robbed. Sure enough, I had my saddles stolen out of my garage and my queen saddle stolen,” she said.

Hendrix said, on top of stealing her saddle, the suspect got in her son's truck and stole his clothes and flip flops and got a way in a beat up dark colored truck.

Hendrix posted the story on social media and it's been shared over 3,000 times.

To some people, it's just a saddle, but Hendrix had plans for it.

"That would have been passed on to one of my kids or put in the museum at some point in time,” she said.

As for the person who took it, she has one simple message, “Be a productive citizen rather than stealing something we worked hard for."

Hendrix did file a police report but said if you took the saddle just bring it back, no questions asked.