Baby Shower Guest Struck By Possibly Stray Bullet In Tulsa County

Monday, July 24th 2017, 7:30 pm
By: News On 6

A Green Country family is speaking out after a stray bullet hit a man on his way to their daughter's baby shower Sunday night, July 23.

A close family friend of the Herringtons was letting his dogs out so he could head to a baby shower when he felt a sharp pain.

It was a happy occasion for the Herringtons, family and friends were coming in from all over the country to celebrate their daughter's baby shower.  

"As soon as my sister-in-law and wife and the baby moved into the garage he felt a sharp pain in his back and actually thought that they had thrown something at him," said Jeremy Herrington.

Come to find out, that sharp pain, homeowner Jeremy Herrington's guest felt was a bullet.

"He's looking back and front trying to figure out what is going on, then he pulls his hand from behind him and it's covered in blood," Jeremy said.

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Witnesses say they only heard one gun shot in the area around that time and the shot sounded far away. Deputies say the witness report makes them believe the shot was fired from across the river.  

"It is not unusual to be shooting guns, target practicing, hunting, whatever and that's not the issue, it's when people don't act responsibly with their weapons," Herrington said.

"You take the responsibility of firing a projectile, you need to know where that projectile goes."

And Jeremy Herrington worries what could happen, if people don't choose a different, safer, location instead of shooting a gun so close to baseball and soccer fields. 

"A shot like that could easily go through trees, over trees and hit a child playing a game," he said.

Deputies are still trying to figure out where that shot came from, if you have any information, contact the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.  

The man shot by that bullet is fine, he even tried to make it to the last few minutes of the shower to congratulate the mommy-to-be.