Downtown Tulsa Store Creates Alternative Design For City's Flag

Tuesday, July 18th 2017, 6:39 pm
By: News On 6

A downtown Tulsa gift shop created an alternative design for Tulsa's flag.

The Tulsa Flag group announced its new design for the city's flag on Wednesday.

The design, which received 51 percent of the vote against two other designs, garnered both positive and negative attention.

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DECOPOLIS posted images of an alternative design for the flag on its Facebook page Tuesday.

The store is also working on other alternative designs, and taking suggestions for revisions.

Their full statement is below:

"Perhaps some of you have heard, a group of citizens wanted to help create a new flag for Tulsa. Our current flag, well lets face it, wouldn't sell a lot of T-shirts, keychains, or much of anything, and for legal reasons you couldn't do so anyway. So thats probably why you don't see it around much. And it was recently described by an outside group as one of the ugliest in the nation. This group of citizens wanted to make this new one "free to use" and more in line with the type of designs you see on other city flags.
There has been some controversy concerning the process and the final design. We even put in a few designs of our own, and don't believe this one to be perfect... But, whether or not this becomes an "official" flag or not, we do think the chosen design can be a solid and respectable new emblem for Tulsa. The process was initiated by average citizens, the designs were created by average citizens, then voted on (by over 8,000 people), and the winner has been made available for everyone, including small entrepreneurs and artists like us (Or perhaps you!) to use and be creative with.
We have created this version based on the stated meanings for each of the flags design elements. We hope you like it! We will have prints available by this weekend at DECOPOLIS!"