BA Church Rescues Woman Who Says She Was Kidnapped By Ex-Boyfriend

Tuesday, July 18th 2017, 5:47 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa man is behind bars after police say he kidnapped his ex-girlfriend.

Justin Meyers is in the Tulsa County jail. The woman says she finally got away from him after she convinced him to take her to a Broken Arrow church.

The Church at Battle Creek in Broken Arrow serves thousands of parishioners and often helps people in tough situations.

"We had a couple come in looking for some assistance,” said Pastor Dean Johnson. “You know, obviously, we're a church and so we help people. You know we want to help them with their greatest need, but we also try to meet practical needs as well."

But administrators say they didn't expect what happened next.

"As part of the intake, the lady had written a note on there saying, ‘Hey, I need to speak to somebody in private.’ And so, we brought her to the back and that's when she started sharing the details with us,” Pastor Johnson recalled.

Those details included in the arrest and booking report, stating she had two black eyes, rope burns and bruises on her body.

The woman says Meyers punched her in the face and head so hard she lost consciousness at least twice.

She said when she slept, he tied her leg to his so she couldn't get away. She says when he would leave, he'd tie her to a chair binding her wrists.

The report says he also took her cellphone so she couldn't call for help.

"After talking to her a little bit more, we were able to determine that this was a legit situation and that we did need to involve the police in,” said Johnson.

They say, thankfully, while talking to the woman, Meyers decided to leave.

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"I'm glad we were able to help her in a very bad situation,” Johnson added.

In the arrest report, Meyers claims the woman caused the bruises herself and that she often gets jealous and makes allegations against him.

Meyers has at least three other convictions for domestic abuse and assault and battery.