Tulsa Jury Calls For Life Sentence For Man Convicted Of Road Rage

Friday, July 14th 2017, 6:49 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa jury says a man should spend life in prison after beating a man with brass knuckles in a road rage accident. 

Lara Tafolla says her husband was convicted in a road rage incident where he was just trying to protect her and the unborn child. Now, he's facing life in prison. 

Tafolla and her husband Jestin were stuck in 5 o'clock traffic when they exited a busy highway. She says they accidentally cut a man off. She says the main tailgated them until both cars pulled into a parking lot. 

"We pulled in there. They had words. The guy goes to leave and turns around, hops out of the car and proceeds forward to my husband and me," said Tafolla. 

Lara says the man was the aggressor and caused Jestin to fight back. 

"Now, my husband is facing a life sentence for protecting me and our unborn child," said Tafolla. 

Prosecutor Isaac Shields says the evidence shows a different story. 

"As he was going back to his car, Mrs. Tafolla actually antagonized him and started slinging out some racial slurs. The victim had a soda with him and threw it at the car," said Shields. "When that happened, that's when the victim proceeded to attack him with brass knuckles." 

Shields also pointed out to the jury that Jestin is a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and that he has two similar convictions prior to this one. 

Tafolla also said "This is not about race. We are not racist people. No one deserves a life sentence. Especially for protecting their child."