Counterfeit Money Spreading In Sand Springs Once Again

Monday, July 10th 2017, 5:28 pm
By: News On 6

Fake cash is making it's way around Sand Springs again. This time, businesses are reporting seeing $20 counterfeit bills. 

Police say this, unfortunately, is a crime that's hard to track so it's up to business owners and customers to be extra alert. 

Harper's Hut shaved ice is one of the many businesses who has been duped. The owner says this isn't the first time he's been given fake money but this go around it looked and felt so real. 

Look for the watermark. It's one of the ways to tell real money from fake money. 

"Move the bill to the side to see if it changes colors," said Todd Enzbrenner of the Sand Springs Police Department. 

Counterfeit cash is a problem that pops up every so often. And when it does, it's typically the garage sales and small businesses like the Harpers's hut shaved ice that are hit hardest. 

"I posted on social media channel here in Sand Springs and it was funny there was a bunch of other stories of people that have also received the same $20 bill with the same serial number," said Harper's Hut owner William Nozak. 

Will Nozak owns this place. He says when the lines are long, his employees are moving fast and it's hard spotting a fake is hard. 

"When I felt it with the other 20s it was slightly different but it wasn't glaringly different," said Nozak. 

Sand Springs police have been investigating cases of fake $5 and $10 bills. Now they are adding $20 to the list. In addition to checking for the watermark, check the thickness and color. 

Police say in some cases the buyer may not know they are passing off fake money, but other times they do. And they buy cheap items to get the most money back. 

Nozak says he's going to be training his employees to better spot the fakes. And if you're ever paid in counterfeit, please report it to police.