Police Name Man, Woman Killed At Tulsa Park

Monday, July 10th 2017, 8:57 am

Tulsa Police have released the names of a man and woman shot to death at a Tulsa Park near Apache and North Peoria during a community baseball game Sunday evening. Chantel Mack  and Michael Daniels were killed, and police are searching for the shooter or shooters. 

Police said there was a community baseball game going on at Crawford Park July 9 when the shooting broke out. Dozens of people were there, including young children. 

Investigators said Mack, who was 20 or 21, was found shot next to a van. She died at the park. Daniels, 29, ran from the scene after being shot, collapsed in front of a home and later died at the hospital.

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Detective Dave Walker said no one has been arrested yet, and they are hoping people who were at last night's game will come forward. In fact, investigators at one point threatened to impound cars to encourage people to give them information.

"If you want your car, you can come see me tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, but we're yanking your car if you don't come here and talk to me now," Walker said.

The cars were parked illegally in the grass on city property, so Walker threatened that their cars could be impounded if they didn't come talk to police. It didn't take long to get the message out.

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they're not gonna go too far from where their car is, so if you go a block here, a block there, they're gonna be hanging around," he said.

The Reverend Edward Johnson wasn't at the game, but he lives around the corner from the park. He said he agrees with Walker and believes his community will keep falling behind if people don't start speaking up.

"This is the Northside and that puts a bad name for the Northside," he said. "They done take the gyms out, they done take the stores out - you know, we gotta go way out somewhere else to get our groceries and stuff, and they act like they just don't care."

"Somebody in the community's gonna have to come forward and say 'we're tired of this,'" Walker said.