Brother of Wagoner Co. Deadly Fire Victim Mourns

Thursday, July 6th 2017, 10:04 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A  man claims he lost his twin brother in a mobile home fire on Saturday. 

John Lampson held back tears as he talked about his twin brother who he says would have done anything for anyone. 

"Me and my brother was real close," said Lampson. 

He said his brother was everything to him. His only issue he says was that his brother collected stray animals. Lampson said his brother left behind three kids. 

"Not being able to go noodling with him. We didn't get to go this year. we go every year." 

Lampson says when he heard about the fire just after 10 Sunday morning he tried to get in the front door but it was too hot. Instead, he went around back and pried the door open getting burned trying to save him. 

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"I ended up getting a back burn from laying into the door I had to reach over to my brother's room cause it's only two foot from it," said Lampson. 

He says it took the fire department 30 to 45 minutes to get the first truck on the scene but he says a dead battery on that truck prevented water from coming out. 

"By the time the next truck got here, the boat went on fire, the house was gone, they come basically to put out the freaking coals," said Lampson.

Lampson says he is frustrated and saddened and can't imagine spending a day without his brother by his side. 

"He was my other right arm, I didn't make a move without my brother and honestly what to do, it's just me now," said Lampson. 

As he vows to find out what happened. 

"I love you and no matter what happens brother I'm gonna find out what happened."