OSU's Grandparent University Fun For Generations

Sunday, July 2nd 2017, 10:37 pm

Oklahoma State University legacies are getting a taste of college life. It's the 14th year for OSU's Grandparent University.

GPU is a summer camp where OSU alumni get to hit the campus again for class - this time with their grandchildren by their sides.

"I think every grandparent should have this opportunity, and I think every grandchild should have this opportunity," said OSU grad David Winslow. 

The kids get to pick from 33 majors to study: chemistry, digital design., veterinary medicine and landscape architecture,  just to name a few.  And at the end of camp, the kids get a diploma.

It gives children the chance to experience the learning aspect of college and the fun that comes with it, as well. Alex Philp is a Tulsa Eisenhower Elementary student and now GPU broadcasting graduate.

"We got to sleep in dorms, sort of suites. We got to do my broadcasting which is really fun," said Alex Philp, age 9.

He came with his grandma and grandpa who both graduated from OSU in the '60s. They both thought it was a wonderful experience.

This was a record for GPU with nearly 700 participants from 26 states - plus Thailand. It's an experience that's special for the kids, but even more so, for the grandparents.

"It's fun watching him look around and see the awe of the whole place," said David Winslow, OSU graduate.

"Go Pokes!" Alex said.