Security Footage, Facebook Post Lead McAlester Police To Stolen Puppy

Friday, June 23rd 2017, 6:40 pm
By: Tess Maune

A puppy was taken in broad daylight, in the middle of McAlester’s tag agency parking lot, and security cameras were rolling as the suspect untied the pup and left.

Dally is a 12-week-old mini-Australian Shepard that Kassandra Scott and her family initially bought as an investment. They want to raise and sell mini-Aussies.

“We saved money up to get her with future hopes to raise money to pay for my college,” Scott said.

But with her crystal blue eyes and sweet demeanor, it didn't take long for Dally win over hearts and become an instant member of the Scott family.

“She's got a great life on the farm,” Scott said. “She's spoiled rotten. She goes everywhere with us.”

It isn't surprising that Dally was with Kassandra and her daughters Wednesday when they had to make an unexpected and quick trip to the McAlester Tag Office.

“I didn't want to walk in with two toddlers and a puppy,” Scott said.

So, she put Dally in a shaded spot on the bed of her truck and tied her up.

“She could lay down and she couldn't jump off the sides and hurt herself,” said Scott. 

But within three minutes of Scott walking inside, security camera footage shows a woman pull up. She calmly gets out of a truck and walks toward Dally.

The woman first tries to get the puppy from the side truck bed, when that doesn't work she climbs onto the flatbed, you see her grab the pup, then drive away.

“I was mad that anybody would have the audacity to do broad daylight,” Scott said.

Kassandra posted screen shots of the security footage to Facebook, and within hours the woman was identified.

“It's like a detective itself, it spreads the word for you easily, everybody's always on their phones these days,” she said. “I'm very thankful for Facebook.”

Also grateful to the hundreds of people who shared her post -
 pointing police right to the suspect, Myratia Cooper, and of course, to Dally.

“The whole way home she was just up on my shoulder,” Scott said. “I don't think dogs can give hugs, but literally it’s like what she was doing.”

Police say Cooper told officers the dog had been on the truck bed for 20 minutes and that she was rescuing it. But police say the security footage proves Kassandra was inside the tag agency for less than 10 minutes.