Glenpool PD Graduates Largest CLEET Class Ever

Thursday, June 22nd 2017, 5:01 pm
By: News On 6

The Glenpool Police Department adds three new officers tonight. They just graduated from the CLEET Academy and it's the largest class the department has ever had. 

In the history of the Glenpool Police Department, only seven officers have used from the Academy and then joined the Glenpool PD. Three of those officers graduated today.

Daniel Pollet says he's "ecstatic" to pin on his and start his new life as a Glenpool police officer.

"I've got a long line of police officers and military persons in my family," said Pollet. "I'm just excited to go out and be able to serve the public and actually be a part of the department. I'm just ready to get after it." 

He says he chose Glenpool specifically because the immediately welcomed him into the family. 

"They were very family-oriented. They actually came to my and met my wife and everything through the interview process. ," said Pollet"

Glenpool Police Chief Dennis Waller says in a small department of just 23 officers, these three extra people will not only keep the town safer, it'll protect his officers, too. 

"Three people really make a big difference. There's at least one more person a shift. Our community is really growing and we need the help," explained Waller. "That extra one person could make the difference in somebody being on a call by themselves, a dangerous call or something like that."

Last year, people in Glenpool voted to add a partial sales tax to hire more employees. Chief Waller says he thinks these new officers will live up to expectations. 

"I believe we have three really great officers that we've added to our department. They're all new, they're young, they're eager. I think they're fired up and ready to do the citizens a good job," said Waller