Mid-America Ford And Shelby Nationals Set in Tulsa For The Weekend

Friday, June 16th 2017, 6:17 pm

It's race day at the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. This is the vintage exhibition where classic hot rods get to tear up the track. 

Jeff Williams, a Dallas resident said, "It's great. It's really cool. It's kind of nostalgic."

It's all part of the Mid-America Ford and Shelby Nationals, a weekend where car enthusiasts get together to celebrate their shared love. 

Jim Wicks, Mid-America Ford and Shelby Nationals Director started this event 43 years ago with a picnic. 

"I had 16 cars and 30 people," said Wicks. 

And it's quite obviously grown larger every year since. A couple thousand cars are in town this year, plus the people that simply want to come and watch. There are 30 states and 7 countries represented. 

"I think it's just great we're able to do this in Tulsa, Oklahoma," he said. 

Friday gives amateur drivers the chance to drive fast, like a pro on a real track. Saturday is for drag racing and it's all for fun. 

"We were shade tree mechanics and street racers when I was younger, so brings back some old memories," Williams added. 

The event is also giving this father and son the chance to make some new memories and the timing couldn't be better. 

Wicks promised, "Father's Day weekend every year, all roads lead to Tulsa."