Tulsa Fire Department Receives New Rescue Boats

Friday, April 28th 2017, 1:14 pm

The Tulsa Fire Department is getting new rescue boats, just in time for this weekend's storms. 

One of the three new boats just came in and TFD and it has two paddles ready inside and it might get put to good use Friday night and Saturday.

TFD said they planned for more training on these boats but with the amount of rain expected this weekend, they're ready to put it in service if needed.

They've had their eye on these new boats for the past year and Mayor G.T. Bynum signed off on it earlier this year.

Stan May, Tulsa Fire Captain, said the smaller boats will work well in shallow water...compared to larger boats that can run into issues in shallow water, like rocks getting into the boat's propeller and messing it up.

"Even though we get the rescue done, we're down at the prop shop the next day redoing all the props on the boat and it gets very expensive," May said. 

TFD said they don't worry about increasing the staffing...because they always have enough people ready for every situation. 

At 5 on News On 6, hear about the rescue gear the department is receiving.