Pre-Trial Hearing Resumes For TPD Officer Betty Shelby

Friday, April 28th 2017, 7:14 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police officer Betty Shelby was back in court Friday where prosecutors and her defense worked through final details ahead of her first-degree manslaughter trial which begins in just over a week. 

The purpose of this hearing was to discuss the evidence and potential witnesses each side hopes to use. 

Terence Crutcher Police Shooting

One of the most discussed issues Friday was Betty Shelby's official statement that was given three days after the incident. 

The defense says there's no way a statement made that far after the incident can accurately portray what her frame of mind was in the moment she pulled the trigger. 

Shelby's attorney, Shannon McMurray says the fact she was upset when she gave the statement does not mean she wasn't cool, calm and collected in the moment.

Prosecutors however say it is Shelby's very own account of what happened that night and there's no logical reason why it shouldn't be used. 

Tulsa Judge Doug Drummond agreed and ruled the statement will be used at her trial. 

The court also sifted through several potential witnesses for the defense, including an expert who could talk about how tasers can be ineffective, supporting Shelby's decision not to use hers, opting for her gun instead. 

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The judge has called another hearing for next Wednesday. He says they'll use that hearing to tie up any other loose ends. 

They'll also talk through the jury questionnaire, which will help the court narrow down the jury pool from 800. 

"I feel very optimistic to get a good juror, to get a good jury seated," said Shannon McMurray.

Shelby's jury trial is scheduled to get underway, Monday, May 8th.